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World of Flowers Tutorial Available Now

The latest tutorial 'World of Flowers' is now available. For this tutorial I'm selecting some of my favourite flowers and adding more over the summer months, below are the flowers to date (week ending Friday 1st June)

I'm choosing a diverse range of flowers for the video demonstrations, these videos are 1 to 2 hours long, some are a little longer but split into parts. Videos demonstrate the painting process from start to finish, mostly in real time with voice over descriptions, basically it's an 'as it happens' video for each flower.

Flowers are being chosen to represent the different plant families, also different textures, colours and patterns are included including those tricky colours, white, yellow and very dark colours, colour mixes and techniques are are given throughout.

But it's not only about painting flowers because as a bonus you can learn about the key features of the flower as well some fascinating flower facts. So in addition there area few dissection illustration videos which provide an insight into different pollination strategies in flowering plants. So whether you simply want to paint flowers and/or wish to learn a little more about the botany and structure of flowers, this is a could be the tutorial for you.

The tutorial costs £55 and you keep access to it indefinitely, so you can work at your own pace and benefit from all of the new tutorials added over the summer months, new flowers and information will be added each week until the end of the UK summer. Some of the flowers to come include: orchid, sweet pea, hydrangea, rudbeckia and clematis.... and anything else that grabs my attention. So you can pick up again next year as access is ongoing.

When you purchase the tutorial, you will receive a confirmation email with the log in details, so you can get started immediately.

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