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Advanced Botanical Illustration Course

Next Presentation 2025 date to be confirmed. The current programme is FULLY BOOKED 

This Course is somewhat different than other courses, in fact its more of a tailored programme, aimed at artists who have already achieved a good standard of Botanical artwork, either through my Botanical Illustration Course or elsewhere via a similar level of study.


If you fall into this category and want to progress your work to the next level by producing a portfolio of high quality botanical illustrations or project work, which is suitable for exhibiting, and would like to have a mentor to guide you, this could be the programme for you.


I will assist you in specific areas of your work identified at the beginning of the course and help you to achieve professional standards.  This might include improving areas such as composition, techniques or help with focusing on a project or finding a niche in this increasingly competitive genre etc. Or you may be studying another course and need some additional advice and support. 


Acceptance will be via application with just 6 places available. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the application process.


The teaching approach based on an individual mentorship will assist in identifying your strengths while working to reduce any weaknesses. The course endeavours to enable you to reach your full potential as a botanical artist and illustrator. You will be guided on subject choice and will have a range of optional modules to support the development of a portfolio of work.  During the course each student will produce 5 major works over a period of 18 - 24 months. Part of the mentoring includes digital edition of your work to show you where and how improvements need to be made. 

Broaden Your Horizons

You will also be encouraged to promote and exhibit your work in major botanical exhibitions and florilegiums. To gain membership of relevant societies and to increase your presence on social media with guidance on how to promote yourself as an artist. Opportunities will be posted on the course web page. Some students are studying other courses and are seeking additional support on how to get the most out of a course. 

Tuition is given on advanced techniques and theory, developing knowledge on botanical illustration, botany, drawing, form, colour theory, scaling and dissection drawing, composition and presentation. The course is heavily focused on mentoring and begins with an assessment of your work and and evaluation of your goals. I will then work with you to help you to achieve your goals with each work. You will also have access to 6 of my tutorials!

New: Tutorials are Included in this Course

You will also have access to several of my tutorials to the value of over £400! These are available to support your practice and can be accessed at any time. Tutorials include: Drawing Perspective and Form, Watercolour Techniques, Colour Mixing, painting leaves, Depth and Detail and World of Flowers. 

Success Stories

Current students from the first presentation of this course have have some excellent success stories, with work accepted into prestigious exhibitions, floreligia or have become members of societies. In the last 18 months: One student had work accepted into the prestigious Margaret Flockton exhibition, Two have exhibited into the RBGE Florilegium, One has been accepted into the ABBA exhibition at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery, another has been accepted by the RHS picture committee and is preparing six works. One has become a fellow of the SBA.  

These modules will support you in producing illustrations of your chosen subjects. The production of up to 6 works is flexible within the time frame, extension is possible.

Who is this course suitable for:

Students who are competent in drawing and watercolour and have some experience with botanical subjects 

Perhaps you have completed other courses or are currently taking a course and need personal guidance to push your work to the next level

Artists already working in the field who are aiming to gain membership to Societies, or to enter high profile open and international exhibitions and need to produce a portfolio and need guidance on their work,

Artist who want to widen their audience and wish to create a professional profile using social media, websites and blogging

Course cost £950


Lessertia frutescens small 2.jpg

Lessertia frutescens a botanical illustration by Dianne Sutherland, which is now in the permanent collection of the  RBGE Florilegium. Learn about submitting work to florilegiums, societies and exhibitions. In 2020 two students received mentoring and subsequently had work accepted into the RBGE florilegium.  


Hellebore dissection by Polly Sutherland, who provides some of the material for the dissection part of the course.  

Improve weak areas of

Improve any areas of weakness in your work by focusing specifically on those areas, through access to video tutorials and mentorship. The two work together to enable you to overcome any stumbling blocks as a botanical artist with tutor support.  

Stelechocarpus burahol small_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Learn how to compose elements on a page, to accurately depict the plant and its parts using scale bars and floral diagrams where necessary. Stelechocarpus burahol by Dianne Sutherland 

Floral diagrams and directions _edited.jpg
Please use this contact form if you have any question s related to this course or wish to apply 

Thanks for submitting!


Learn about floral diagrams and how to make scaled dissections in a new module to be added for 2023

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