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I've been running online courses since 2011 and never cease to be amazed by the enthusiasm and dedication of students and have to say that I've learned an awful lot too in that time! 

Since starting I have had many brilliant students and have asked their permission to showcase some of their beautiful work in this slideshow. Hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed being involved in the process!

I will be adding some featured student stories shortly, so you can hear about the progress of some of my students.

All works are subject to copyright by the artist named for each image. Click to view full image

To read student testimonials and stories click here

Karen West Study Page
Cobaea scandens
Karen West Study Page
Cobaea scandens
Karen West Study Page
Cobaea scandens
Theres Gustafasson, Lemon
Study Page exercise, Botanical Illustration
Karen West, Anthurium
Botanical Illustration Student, 2019
Sabine Loos, Eranthis Study Page
Botanical Illustration Student
Angela Hooton Pineapple
Botanical Illustration Student
Marina Voznyuk, Rosa canina
Marina Voznyuk, Rosa canina study
Botanical Illustration student Dec 2017
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