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Whats New for 2020 Courses and Tutorials

Wishing you all a very happy New Year! Hopefully with more time to make art.

I'm currently upgrading the courses and adding new tutorials to kick start the new decade. Here's what's happening!

Having asked students of botanical art what they want last year, I responded with the new Tutorials: I launched the first back in May 2019 with Watercolour Techniques and the Colour Mixing Tutorials, both have a strong video learning focus for the visual learners amongst you as well as downloadable documents to use and keep for reference. When you buy a tutorial your access is permanent so you also benefit from any updates.

The good news is that more tutorials are underway for 2020 on subjects such as: Drawing, Advanced Drawing and Composition, Keeping a Sketchbook and Leaves also some subject specific ones on Feathers and Butterflies, later in the year there's one on Understanding Flowers and Dissection Illustration, which is written in collaboration with my daughter Polly Sutherland.

The Botanical Online Course enters its 8th year and continues to grow and I've added a whole new expanded section on Composition, and new videos including the Rudbeckia, shown below and other flowers. The course starts again on January 30th.

Drawing and Painting Leaves is always popular and again new videos and documents are being added. You can join this course anytime. I'll be adding some of the leaves included in my recent Leaf painting challenge, seen below.

Botanical Art for Beginners is underway again on Jan 20th and almost fully booked a few new videos for that one too.

Thats all for now folks. Don't forget to check out my other blog for art tips etc. I've been writing it for 12 years so there's a lot of info on there that might be useful. With a new post on a recent Leaf painting challenge.

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