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Two New Tutorials Added: Drawing & Keeping a Sketchbook

Keep building you botanical art skills with two new tutorials! The Drawing Perspective and Creating Tone tutorial was released at the end of March and has proved very popular. Learn to create realistic 3 dimensional drawings, beginning with simple line drawing, followed by perspective drawing and shading in graphite and ink to create a range of tonal values. Videos demonstrate the process of observational drawing using these different approaches. The tutorial also provides insights into the all important light source and even shows you how to set up and take dramatic black and white reference photographs with your mobile phone, which can be surprisingly useful!

The end of April saw the launch of the new Keeping a Sketchbook tutorial. This is an adaptation of my previous taught course plus lots of new material. Available to start at anytime this one is slightly different because I'm adding new videos to it over the next 4 weeks of my current sketchbook work and it demonstrates how I research, annotate and make observational drawings, colour swatches and paintings in my sketchbook. It includes videos and a lengthy document on my process showing work in graphite and watercolour. The two new tutorials add to the existing tutorial portfolio, which also includes Watercolour Techniques and Colour Mixing.

Next up in June will be a tutorial on Depth and Detail, this is a more advanced development on the Watercolour Techniques and Colour Mixing tutorials, which shows how to approach those challenging subject areas in watercolour, such as shiny surfaces, velvet textures, hairy leaves, stems and flowers, transparency, rich deep colour, light and bright colours, underlying colours, as well as painting the fine detail found in veins, flower centers and markings on plants.

All tutorials are available to start at anytime and you receive your password within 8 hours (usually much sooner), once you purchase a tutorial you keep access indefinitely and also benefit from annual updates. Keep an eye on the website Home page and Tutorials page to book or for further information.

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