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New! Skill Builder Tutorials

I decided that there is a need for some stand alone tutorials that can also supplement learning as important building blocks. Not everybody has time to commit to a full course and I've been aware for a while how much interest there is for learning about good old botanical watercolour techniques. So this is the subject that I decided to start with.

I've included a range of videos in this first tutorial, demonstrating and describing all of the wash and dry brush techniques but most importantly I show how to put these techniques into practice on real subjects, including where and when to use each technique. In addition, videos show how too create and maintain highlights, to make crisp or soft edged and how to build form and saturation in the right places by using the right techniques what to do if it all goes wrong! As a botanical artist I use a range of both wash and dry brush to build colour and detail, some are pretty traditional techniques and others are my own. I try to break the process of painting down into manageable steps, and find that a 4 or 5 stage process works for pretty much all subjects. Printable worksheets are included too and describe the process!

The first tutorial costs £55 and can be pre-booked now, for release on the 3rd June. Future tutorials will be on Colour Mixing: The Basics, Mixing and Painting Greens, White Flowers and Painting Patterns and Hairs.

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