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New Mini Tutorial - Autumn Oak Leaf

I took a break from the mini tutorials but the good news is that have a couple more to offer before the end of the year.

Pondering over what might make a good tutorial - I decided to make a mini leaf tutorial and chose an oak leaf because it's one of my favourites and I've been painting a lot of oak leaves recently. So if you want to try my techniques and approach to leaves this might be a good starter before trying a longer tutorial.

I'm also offering a special pre booking discount price of £17, the tutorial begins 6th September 2023. Thereafter the cost will be £20

In this tutorial you will learn about the structure of the leaf first, then delve into materials and observation of the subject that you are about to paint.

Firstly, I will demonstrate how to make an accurate drawing of the leaf including how much detail to include, line images and photographs will also be included and video footage in real time totals over 2 hours in length.

To gain a better understanding of the form I will also discuss lighting and show you how to paint a tonal study first, so this will be another approach to add to your skills.

Then the real work begins with painting the leaf, first the underlying colour washes, exploring colour blending, thereafter building colour and form selectively to maintain highlights and to and achieve depth and finally detail, not forgetting those fine veins and finishing to create the texture and depth of colour using a variety of techniques.

To book, go to botanical art online Tutorials by clicking here

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