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More from the World of Flowers Tutorial

Have to say I'm enjoying adding to this tutorial and it just keeps growing with several new flowers added, the latest to be added is a sweet pea ''Duchy of Cambridge' which has a beautiful colour shift from pink to blue violet. I'm uploading the second part of the video today and it was partly painted outdoors as the weather was beautiful and I love the colour and lighting from daylight .... so this is an as it happens dialogue with maybe a few sound effects and sunshine!

Sweet Peas are from the Lathyrus genus, which are members of Fabaceae family, which is not only one of the largest plant families but also an economically and environmentally important one.

I'm currently working on a collection from this genus and its a become of a favourite of mine, I've always loved the pea family though other members previously painting include the Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) and Sutherlandia (Lessertia frutescens). You can learn more about Fabaceae in the well as how to paint this beautiful cultivar via the 80 min two part video.

Next week it's another flower from one of the largest families, with Asteraceae or the daisy family. I've already chosen a beautiful Rudbeckia for the 12th video.....they're looking pretty good in the garden and this is another must for the tutorial. Information is available about each flower on the website as well as in a downloadable pdf. This tutorial is not intended to be. 'paint along' copy style video but demonstrates how to approach subjects with different textures, colours and patterns etc. and different approaches and techniques so it's about learning transferable skills and not copying because all flowers are not the same.... although you could do so for practice.

Here are some of the other flowers included in the tutorial.

I've still a few more to add and even include some faded flowers, which can also be beautiful. The tutorial is available to purchase for £55 and so far has....well a lot of hours of video...just go to the Tutorials

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