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From Beginners in Botanical Art to Vellum Painters: Two New Tutorials Launched

There are two new tutorials on the website, firstly the Beginners Botanical Tutorial is now available and costs £75. This replaces the taught course, unfortunately I haven't enough time to run the beginner assessed course this year but it is being rewritten to relaunch in a couple of years time. But the tutorial is a great starter or introduction if you want to try out a variety of botanical subjects in preparation of moving on to other full courses, such as the Botanical Illustration Course, or it's also good for practice if you're feeling a bit rusty with the watercolours.

The tutorial offers a lot of information on materials and videos including technique exercises as well as the longer subject tutorials. There are 16 different subjects at the moment and a few more to be added. Subjects include, fruit, flowers, leaves, seedpods, fungi (including the longer version of the free Fly Agaric video from my last post) as well as vegetables.

I've aded a poppy seedpod as another good winter filler and a range of subjects which span the seasons or even from the supermarket!

There is no rush to finish and as with all tutorials you will keep access indefinitely and can revisit and benefit from updates in the future.

For more information, click on the image below.

The second tutorial was launched late last year but hasn't been advertised before. It's simply called An Introduction to Vellum, which is self explanatory.

As with the beginners course it's a good starting place but differs in being aimed at those who are already painting watercolour botanicals and want to try vellum - but don't know where to begin. It costs £75 and you will learn about different vellums and parchment types and how to prepare them. There as a series of subject videos which show you how to approach smaller subjects and which also build in complexity, clearly showing the stages of each painting.

A few other non botanical subjects are to be added shortly, including two of my favourites, feathers and a butterfly...I may even add an egg! no so easy in vellum so one for the brave.

For more information, click the image below.

Working on dark vellum "Rose buds" from the Introduction to Vellum Tutorial

UP AHEAD: Keep an eye out for the Spring Flowers Tutorial as well as a mini tutorial on painting on coloured paper, something I started a couple of years ago in my white flower sketchbook, I'll be launching that one in June. Here's one on black paper that I'm working on at the moment, White Tulips.

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