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Depth and Detail: A New Tutorial in Botanical Watercolour

Do you struggle to achieve the depth of colour or the detailed finish that you are striving for in your botanical watercolours? If so this tutorial will help as it guides you through 8 paintings of different subjects which require specific techniques and approaches. There is also an 18 page downloadable PDF that accompanies the videos discussing each subject with additional hints, tips and images. It's also an ideal follow up to the Watercolour Techniques Tutorial.

I've made this tutorial to give you an insight into my working process from start to finish and this includes videos demonstrating: underlying colours, rich deep colour, surface patterns, textures, such as shiny surfaces, velvety finishes, transparency, also soft edges, negative space in flower centres or roots, hairs, bloom and veins. Often more than one of the above is included in each video because all subjects present us with multiple challenges, so cannot sometimes be dealt with in isolation. Painting is all about decision making and planning and this tutorial aims to give you my personal approach to botanical watercolours.

This tutorial differs somewhat from others as its shows the process of whole paintings and how techniques are put into practice, although the title 'Depth and Detail' implies that it's about the latter stages of a painting, I have included all stages as often the first stages are vital for the desired end result to be achieved, this is particularly true with subjects such as the velvety Rudbeckia, shown below, where the underlying yellow and violet plays such an important role in building the foundations for the subsequent layers which involve using a selective application of colour onto dampened areas and then different dry brush techniques to build the velvet type sheen and texture.

The Tutorial is available for purchase for £55. scroll down the page fro Tutorial no. 6. Following purchase you will receive an email with the log in details. Like all tutorials, once purchased, you keep access indefinitely and benefit from any new material and video updates.

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