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Complex Drawing: Tutorial no.5

I've had this one on the back burner since the first drawing tutorial, and it's finally time to release it. This is one of the longer tutorials and it will be available at the end of December but you can pre-book in now with a discount code to kickstart your drawing skills in 2024.

What does it include?

Spirals, Fibonacci, overlaps and creating distance with aerial perspective, flower centers, and negative space with examples of cones, trees, roots, lichen etc.... you know all those troublesome things, including that old favorite, the pineapple, albeit a mini one!

Who is it for?

I've tried to make it as simple as possible, but it's not for beginners, and so, if your'e just starting out, the Drawing Perspective and Form would be a better option to get started.

Is it all graphite?

Not all, but mostly, drawing is for all work and underpins everything else we do, so although most parts are graphite or could be done in ink, some parts are paintied tonal work, using one colour, and a few parts realate to using colour. The first part of the tutorial focuses on working out the structure with line, and this is followed with using tone to create 3D form.

What materials are required

If your'e undertaking this tutorial you most likely have materials and your favourites. I offer this information as my recommendations but you can use others. A range of good quality pencils 4H - 6B, such as Faber Castell 9000 or similar, you may also use a mechanical pencil, with H and HB leads for line drawing. Good quality drawing or Hot Pressed Paper, in the video demonstratiosn I use Arches Satine 140 lb (300 gsm), a putty eraser, a Tombow retractable eraser. Lamp Black watercolour or any dark colour such as Sepia or Paynes grey. If you wish to use ink a set of Pigma Micron, including 005 - 05. Dividers and a ruler for measuring, plus any other regular art materials that you nornmally use.

The Tutorial cost is £55 but you can prebook with £5 discount with the code KICKSTART24 and there a booking details can be found on the Tutorials page by clicking here

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