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Part 2 Watercolour

How to Proceed with the Watercolour Part of the Course


​In this second half of the course you will begin working with watercolour. Firstly, you will learn the watercolour techniques and theory, Use the coloured links to access documents and scroll to the bottom of the page to view supporting videos. Open videos in YouTube by clicking and use the cog icon at the bottom right to set the screen resolution to HD. 

Preliminary Exercise

Start with the introductory Practice Exercise, Painting an Apple. This is intended as a warm up exercise. Email it to me when you have completed all of Part 1. Do not read ahead before completing this exercise, it is intended to demonstrate your starting point

Part 1

Read through the Watercolour Introduction before moving on to Watercolour Part 1.Techniques. At the end of Part 1, please email your exercises and the preliminary exercise, apple painting.

Part 2 

After completion of the Watercolour techniques you will move onto the second half of watercolour which involves creating a study page but this time in watercolour, following the study page exercise you will complete your final botanical illustration. 

NOTE: the email address for submitting all coursework is:

Please send work as good quality JPegs. Do not send Zip folders or use Apps but attach to your email. Image resolution does not need to be higher than 72 dpi but dimensions should be sufficient to view comfortably on screen.

Watercolour Part 1
Watercolour part 2

Work through the supplementary documents

(dark green buttons) before progressing to the watercolour study page and final assignment.

Techniques Videos 

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