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Part 1 Graphite

In the Graphite part of the course, you will complete the following:

1. Line and Tone Drawing, exercises 1-7 (open) (approx 4 weeks to compete)

2. Creating a Study Page - around 3 weeks to complete

3. Composition and the Final Graphite Botanical Illustration 

Please begin by working through the various parts of the course by clicking on the links on this page as instructed. Links will become available as you progress. Use the video clips below to help you. 

Start with Part 1 ' Line and Tone' exercises. This part of the course will introduce you to some basic drawing and the tonal techniques. It should take around 3 - 4 weeks to complete the exercises.

Email to

Further Advice

While you are waiting for feedback undertake the Supplementary Drawing Perspective Exercises. Do not submit these exercises as they are simply intended as practice for Part 2 Creating a Study Page.

Part 2 Creating a Study Page 

In this part of the course you will choose a plant and complete some research before drawing a study page.  

It is advisable to use the same plant or type of plant for the final drawing so do not spent too long on this activity.

When you have completed the 3 exercises for part 2, email them to me as jpegs, as for Part 1. Choose you plant carefully!


The Final Graphite Assignment

Once you have completed Part 2, the study page, carry out the exercises in Composition: Final Graphite Preparation. Once you have decided on your final Composition, email it to me for advice before commencing with the Final Drawing Assignment in Part 3.  

All assignments should be emailed to:

Video Library Remember to view videos in highest resolution by clicking the 'cog' icon and choosing the 1080 HD option in Youtube or Vimeo.

Videos for Part 1. up to exercise 7

Continuous Line
Continuous Tone 
Continuous Tone in detail Part 1 of Gardenia Leaf Drawing
Supporting Videos for Study Page, Composition and Final Graphite
Study Page
Discussing Composition
An example of a final graphite drawing sped up video showing layers and featuring final detail layer 

Click the image above to see a video of the stages of a tonal drawing of Tulipa acuminata

with audio of selected parts of the drawing Tulipa acuminata

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