Marketing your Work

Marketing is the activities involved in promoting and selling your artwork and services as an artist but should be part of your process rather than an afterthought. You don't just want to sell but also get your work out into the wide world to share your creative process and appreciation for nature. To be honest selling has never been at the forefront of my mind with my art, I was much more interested in sharing knowledge with people about plants, nature and art, the rest camp afterwards. 


There are many ways of marketing your work and today one of the most powerful marketing tools is the social media platform, blogs are also a good way of marketing although less popular these days they are still useful with some specialist audiences. Your website will also be a powerful marketing tool where contacts and sales can be made but the first task is to direct people to your website and social media sites. 

This is entirely my own approach to marketing your work and there are other methods. I use a combination of my website, Blog, Facebook Business page and Instagram. I have found these the most useful marketing methods  

Marketing through these platforms can take a considerable amount of time and regular posting if you want to build a following but managing the time and posts will pay off. 

First of all you need to decide who your audience is and what you are trying to achieve or promote.

Style or brand 

As an artist you are the brand, people are not only interested in your area but in the story you promote

In my experience you have to give a little to gain followers