Creating a Sketchbook

This is an activity, which is not assessed but is intended to assist you in the process of keeping a sketchbook, something that I encourage you to participate in. Start by reading through the document titled 'Sketchbook activity guidelines'.

Below are a selection  of videos which show the process of completeing sketchbook pages 'as they happen'. Although there are parts and weeks written on these videos, this is an activity that you can do at any time as part of your research.

​Why not consider a sketchbook exchange project with fellow students? Read about the one I'm involved with by clicking on the link on this page.


Most of all enjoy your sketchbook!

NOTE: remember to set the video playback to HD for best quality. You can do this by blicking on the cog in the bottom right hand corner on the video screen.

Learn more about sketchbooks, useful links.

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