Part 2. Painting Flowers for Beginners

Moving on from fruit you will draw and paint several different flowers. As you will be aware there are a huge variety of shapes, colours and textures in flowers, so different approaches are required in order to achieve a realistic finish. You will need to make judgements on the best way to approach a flower. However, you will find that the techniques learned in the introduction and part one, fruit, are applicable in all subjects.

The module starts with a variety of different petals, this will enable you develop your watercolour techniques.


Thereafter, we will work through a number of different flowers, which will require more development of your drawing skills, as the perspective becomes more complex in flowers.

Follow the Viola video for a flat faced flower with delicate, transparent petals and flower markings.

Next you will be challenged with drawing a disc shaped flower in perspective, the example is a Gerbera but this technique can be applied to any flower of this type, such as a sunflower or daisy. Thereafter you will paint this flower. Follow the document and videos.

At the end of this module you will submit all 4 of these exercises by emailing them to 

Next Steps 

When you have completed Part 2. You may move onto Part 3. Leaves, click here to access

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