Final Assignment 

Botanical Painting or Mixed Composition

In this final assignment you can choose one of these assignments to submit, although I recommend that you complete both of them. Essentially both are about how to compose multiple elements on a page.


This assignment differs that the others as you have to think more for yourself. throughout the course you have followed instructions for specific subjects with videos to guide you through the process and hopefully you have developed new skills and confidence with watercolour. This assignment asks you to arrange your chosen subjects in a full composition, so you are not following a set instruction and video as before but instead composing multiple elements on a page using the instructions laid out in each of the documents. 

In Brief 

A Mixed Composition includes more than one element, these elements can be different or the same plant . For example, this could be two different fruit or more, or two or more different flowers or the same flowers etc. aesthetically arranged on the page. The aim his to achieve a composition of multiple elements.

A Botanical Illustration is a composition showing an accurate depiction of a single plant. The illustration should be scientifically accurate in size and, colour  and should show several aspects of the plant, for example, a flower open and in bud, foliage and any other relevant features. 

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